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Our story

EU4YOUTH2ACT is an initiative for the promotion of civic engagement, born from the joint efforts of 5 European partners specialized in cultural initiatives, social inclusiveness, sustainability, and promotion of European values, developed within the Erasmus + framework and co-financed by the European Union.

At its heart, this project aims to engage, connect, and empower these young individuals, turning them into active agents of social change and sustainable development. 

In a world still reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic and looking towards crucial EU Parliamentary Elections, EU4YOUTH2ACT stands as a beacon of hope and action. 

Who we are
We are a well-assorted group of professionals with competences spanning from social studies and humanities, political science, economy, communication and foreign languages, education, sustainability and green economy.  The consoritum consists of recognized actors in the field in non-formal youth and adult education and are actively involved in our local communities, preparing individuals to embrace their future by means of personal development and the promotion of progress.

Supporting Partners

We are proud to present our associated partners who have joined us in this ambitious initiative of the EU4YOUTH2ACT project, supporting us in the organization of events, culture labs, and dissemination. 
From social clubs, to art performance associations, to special interest groups, to learning hubs, our associate partners enrich the multicultural environment of the initiative with fresh perspectives, stimulating ideas, and original communication styles.

La Stazione

La Stazione Youth Center has long served as a vibrant hub for community engagement and personal development, offering a welcoming space for informal gatherings, educational courses, seminars, and small events. It has been instrumental in initiating ErasmusPlus mobility projects, fostering local artisan businesses, and providing guidance for academic and career pursuits. Despite undergoing several management transitions and adapting to regulatory changes, the center has maintained its core mission to promote youth participation in local decision-making and to equip them with essential skills for contemporary challenges.

The organization is powered by a diverse team, whose members contribute their unique skills and perspectives to project planning and execution, fostering a culture of innovation and continuous learning.

University of Florence

Established on January 1, 2019, FORLILPSI emerged from the merger of two humanities departments: Education Sciences and Psychology (SCIFOPSI) and Languages, Literatures and Intercultural Studies (LILSI). This department focuses on the interconnections among languages, cultures, psychological processes, and educational theories, exploring these through both textual and contextual research across various dimensions.

Its educational approach is characterized by the integration of theoretical, empirical, and practical perspectives, promoting cross-cultural dialogue and interdisciplinary collaboration among fields such as pedagogy, psychology, linguistics, philology, and literature. FORLILPSI is committed to fostering well-being and advancing education by considering cultural, social-historical, psychological, and linguistic influences.


The Skillman Network is a prominent transnational platform within the European Union focusing on Vocational Excellence in Advanced Manufacturing. Established in 2014 and receiving support from the European Commission in 2015, it addresses the skills mismatch in the technical and vocational education and training (TVET) sector through work-based learning (WBL) solutions. Skillman.eu has grown to become the largest EU multilateral network in its field, distinguished by its comprehensive understanding of skills needs and training practices, supported by a well-organized, sector-specific information system. 

It operates on principles of participatory learning and distributed collaboration, serving a global community of practitioners, researchers, and institutions dedicated to advancing vocational training and education.

Tra i binari APS

The association “Tra i binari” has long engaged in projects for social progress, sustainability, improved quality-of-life and well-being. In particular, it is actively involved in theater practices, community processes and social development. It is involved in some international networks of art, theatre and community building.
It works closely with vulnerable groups of people who have specific needs, particularly persons at risk of social exclusion from rural areas – unemployed, youth with high level of poverty, migrants, refugees.
Inspired by the need to establish relationships for the exchange of cultural and community practices, they are consolidating international networks that constantly broaden their gaze on contemporaneity and cultural activism. Among our initiatives: The hidden theatre (il Teatro di Nascosto) and theatre reportage – aimed at giving a voice to people who do not have one.

LUPI S.Croce

The Lupi Santa Croce project was born 61 years ago from the will and experience of some local entrepreneurs united by a passion for volleyball as a common denominator. The Company aims to grow a sports movement aimed at new generations, with a strong social imprint and attention to training activities. The growth of this movement will benefit young people, their families, the companies that want to believe in the project, the City of Santa Croce sull’Arno and the entire territory. The key is to positively promote the image of our territory and its resources through building and optimizing relationships with different partners and interlocutors, introducing the Sports Club and its partners into a national circuit. The association aims to achieve the following objectives in sport:
• Spread sports culture and promote social solidarity.
• Enhance the figure of the athlete and his role in sport.
• Support and promote the Santa Croce sull’Arno men’s volleyball team.

Mestieri di Toscana

Mestieri di Toscana is a consortium of non-profit companies founded in 2015.
We are primarily dedicated to active labor policies, working closely with public institutions, non-governmental organizations and other entities to promote employment and professional development throughout the Tuscan region.
With a network of five operational offices strategically distributed across the regional territory, we are able to reach and assist a large audience of citizens and businesses.
Our main activities include professional training, career guidance, job search consultancy and the promotion of entrepreneurship.

We actively collaborate with schools, training providers, companies and other organizations to ensure a positive impact on local communities and the job market.
Furthermore, we are strongly committed to social inclusion and work to support the most vulnerable people in achieving their economic and social independence.

ARCI Ragazzi

Arciragazzi is active at national and Euro-Mediterranean level to promote a culture of welcome and build integration path open to a “cultural pollution” among young people with migrant background and autochthones. The core objective pursued by the organization is the social inclusion by shaping access to resources and opportunities for all young people including youth with few opportunities, minors in the care system, youth with migrant background, LGBT young people.
From 2011,due to the constant and deep cooperation with Shannara Social Cooperative ( www.cooperativa shannara.it ),dealing with minors at risk, unaccompanied foreign minors and young girls from the trafficking, we manage to go through different topics to encourage them to be the protagonist and motivating them to be agents of social change.

SHANNARA Cooperativa Sociale

SHANNARA COOPERATIVE began its history in 1995 by the will of the founding members of the “Arci Utopia Ilaria” Association, whose main statutory purposes were the promotion of the rights of the child, the promotion of family and community well-being, the provision of services housing for minors who are victims of intra-family violence, removed by order of the Judicial Authority. 


The cultural association “FUOCHI DI PROMETEO” is an organization dedicated to stimulating and supporting moral, spiritual, cultural and social growth through entertainment expressions created with authentic love for art.

We are committed to promoting art and culture in all their forms, both through projects and initiatives of cultural and social utility, and through the diffusion of the classical world among the new generations, especially through ancient Latin and Greek theatre.

We actively collaborate with schools, theatres, local authorities and other cultural enterprises to achieve our objectives, organizing art exhibitions both in Italy and abroad and establishing collaborations with national and foreign entities that share our vision.

Furthermore, we are committed to organizing meetings, debates, studies, training courses, seminars and other initiatives aimed at the cultural and social growth of young people, thus contributing to their development and building a brighter future.