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Together.eu is a project run by the European Parliament, dedicated to getting as many people as possible involved in the democratic life of Europe and, in particular, to getting out the vote for the European elections in 2024.

Our objective is to promote the Together.eu and #useyourvote campaign, as the official project of the European Parliament, through our project’s website and social media.

Weltoffenes Thüringen

In Thuringia, organisations and individuals unite to foster an open and diverse society with the urgency posed by the upcoming local and EU elections. Advocating for human dignity and rights, the Open Thuringia Initiative (“Weltoffenes Thüringen”) draw on historical lessons to promote a pluralistic democracy and rule of law. The goal is a welcoming community where diversity is celebrated, and where peace, respect, and European unity lead to shared prosperity.

We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to build a stronger, more united and more democratic Union we collectively deserve. We should grasp this opportunity with courage and with boldness. This is a time for action, not only for discussion.
Jean-Claude Juncker
Ideas Lab 2018 ‘Europe — Back on Track’, Brussels, 22 February 2018