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Hidden Weft: The Dark Texture of Fast Fashion

by Diletta Taverni, Fondazione Toscana Sostenibile “Hidden Weft: The Dark Texture of Fast Fashion” is a project by Association La Stazione committed to an analysis ...
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RockCity joins EU4YOUTH2ACT!

The EU4YOUTH2ACT project is enriched with a new supporter, the Santa Croce Rock City Youth Center: let’s hear from the words of its representative what ...
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What do you really know about the European Union?

The Fuochi Di Prometeo association, which has always been sensitive to initiatives regarding social and cultural themes, has decided to join the Erasmus+ EU4YOUTH2ACT project ...
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European Union: A Birthday in the name of youth engagement and knowledge

Saturday, May 11 was a special day for La Stazione Association, which celebrated its 18th birthday with an unforgettable celebration. But it wasn’t just a ...
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Exploring European identity: active involvement of the young Folgore (Fucecchio) athletes

On Thursday 09 May, the Foundation organised an event for  “Europe Day”, involving the young athletes of the Folgore sports association (Fucecchio).  Volunteers on this ...
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The “Lupi” for EU4YOUTH2ACT!

Fondazione Toscana Sostenibile is pleased to announce that the Lupi Santa Croce sports club has also chosen to support the EU4YOUTH2ACT project! Always involved on ...