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Who we are

The EU4YOUTH2ACT project is a dynamic and transformative initiative, designed to resonate with young people across Europe, particularly those facing social and economic challenges.


At its heart, this project aims to engage, connect, and empower these young individuals, turning them into active agents of social change and sustainable development. 

In a world still reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic and looking towards crucial EU Parliamentary Elections, EU4YOUTH2ACT stands as a beacon of hope and action. 

What we do

Key Activities

Dive into how we’re turning ideas into action, fostering skills, and connecting communities for a brighter, more inclusive future.

Empowerment and Civic Education Programme

Build on the specific Competence Framework, the programme aims to empower young people's personal, social and civic competences in a recovery period, stimulating their participation in the social life and the community.

Social Innovation Hubs

In this informal safe space, run in collaboration by partner NGOs and young people, workshops will be held for other community memebers to become Actors of Social Change.

Youth Workers and Youth Leaders will be trained in order to take up the role of facilitators or mentors to further activate young people in the districts.


The web radio programmer will include various programmes to be scheduled and offered either as part of web radio, podcasts with MEPs and EU experts, use of social media for encouraging YOUTH active participation and civic engagement.

Activation Pack & Tool Kit

The documents will include information about the EU, its institutions and organizations, working groups, all the EU programmes, the EU Parliamentary Elections etc. offered to young people in the EU.

Featured works

Debate Forums

In the form of a podcast episode, we have conducted a few debate forums, which ignite dynamic conversations among young people and youth workers on the topics such as civic engagement and addressing crucial issues impacting their lives in the post-COVID era and upcoming elections.

Episode 2

facilitation by Manuella Walker

Episode 1: Can you(th) relate?

feat. Maryna, Fatima, Billy, Antonin

Episode 3

feat. Maryna, Fatima, Billy, Antonin


Social Innovation Hubs

Example 01.

The Learning Hub

The Learning Hub is an innovative initiative by the Education and Research Centre ‘Emphasys Centre’ in collaboration with the NGO ‘CitizensACT‘ which aims to provide free lifelong learning opportunities to citizens of all ages.

Example 02.

Social Impulse Hub

The Social Impulse Hub is a semi-open space run by CGE Erfurt e.V. in collaboration with Plattform e.V. which aims at promoting social innovation culture with a lasting impact on the community.

Young people are the leaders of tomorrow, but also the changemakers of today. Their involvement is critical as they will live with the consequences of our decisions. This is why we are giving them a stronger voice in EU policymaking and addressing their concerns in areas important for them. This is our commitment to building a better future for the next generation.
Iliana Ivanova, Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth
Our Partnership
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