Exploring European identity: active involvement of the young Folgore (Fucecchio) athletes

On Thursday 09 May, the Foundation organised an event for  “Europe Day”, involving the young athletes of the Folgore sports association (Fucecchio). 

Volunteers on this day tried, through interactive games and short presentations, to consolidate the functioning of European elections, the institutions that affect them and their importance. 

The workshop, conceived as an engaging experience, offered the participants the opportunity to explore the EU in an interactive and stimulating way; through a series of discussions led by the Foundation’s volunteers, the young people were able to deepen their knowledge of the European context. 

One of the most exciting activities was the creation of interviews focused on European culture, in which the boys were involved and curious in exploring and analysing topics related to the European Union.

During the workshop and reflection sessions, young people had the opportunity to express their opinions, confront different ideas, share their experiences and contribute to the creation of an inclusive and stimulating dialogue on European culture. This exchange of perspectives was instrumental in creating an inclusive and respectful environment where young people’s voices were heard and valued.

This event demonstrated how important dialogue and active participation of young people is in building a more inclusive and inclusive European Union.

In conclusion, the event organised was instrumental in exploring and celebrating European identity. The young people had the opportunity to be protagonists of a unique and formative experience that prepared them to face the challenges of the future with confidence and awareness.

We hope that this experience will continue to inspire young people, encouraging them to be active citizens and aware of their role in building a more inclusive and inclusive European future.


“Participating in this workshop was a unique opportunity for me. I learnt a lot about European culture and appreciated the way the volunteers actively involved us in the activities. I hope to participate in other similar events in the future.” – Lorenzo, Folgore basketball athlete

“Seeing the enthusiasm and commitment of the children was extremely rewarding. I am convinced that the active involvement of young people is crucial for building a more inclusive and inclusive Europe. I hope this experience has inspired them to be active and aware citizens in their growth path.” – Rebecca, volunteer Sustainable Tuscany Foundation

“Our club has always shown attention to the Erasmus projects of the Sustainable Tuscany Foundation, for us it would be onerous to participate in the front line, but we hope soon to be supported in the Erasmus+ Sport action dedicated to realities like ours” – Francesca, basketball manager Folgore Fucecchio