The “Lupi” for EU4YOUTH2ACT!

Fondazione Toscana Sostenibile is pleased to announce that the Lupi Santa Croce sports club has also chosen to support the EU4YOUTH2ACT project! Always involved on multiple fronts, Lupi Santa Croce aims to grow a sporting movement aimed at the new generations, with a strong social imprint and attention to training activities.

The growth of this movement will benefit young people, their families, the companies that want to believe in the project, the Municipality of Santa Croce sull’Arno and the entire territory. The key is to positively promote the image of one’s territory and its resources through building and optimizing relationships with various partners and interlocutors, inserting the Sports Club and its partners into a national circuit.

As part of the EU4YOUTH2ACT project, Lupi Santa Croce has decided to contribute with the creation of a series of initiatives dedicated to raising young people’s awareness of the commitment to active participation which will be followed on the various social channels of the company and of the project: during the in recent weeks the company involved players and young people in workshops dedicated to the creation of videos aimed at young new voters which highlighted the importance of participation in one of the founding moments of democratic life.

The values of cooperation and respect for diversity have always been the basis of sports education provided by organizations such as Lupi Santa Croce, organizations that are among the main recipients of the tools that the EU4YOUTH2ACT project is creating.