European Union: A Birthday in the name of youth engagement and knowledge

Saturday, May 11 was a special day for La Stazione Association, which celebrated its 18th birthday with an unforgettable celebration. But it wasn’t just a party: volunteers from the Sustainable Tuscany Foundation participated in the event, turning it into a unique opportunity to explore crucial issues related to the European Union and active youth participation.

The area set up by volunteers is full of creativity, with games, quizzes and educational activities designed to engage participants of all ages. One of the activities on offer are quizzes on the project’s official website, designed to give young people an introduction to the European Union, the site has many activities and quizzes that allow anyone to get involved.

But the real attraction of the day was the interviews: an opportunity for young people and experts to express their opinions on a wide range of topics related to Europe and youth involvement.

The interviews touched on key topics such as the importance of the European Union, youth participation, problems and strengths of the EU, and much more. The young people interviewed expressed their opinions with passion, highlighting their awareness of global issues and desire to make a difference in the world.

But it was not only young people who were the protagonists of the interviews: experts in the field also shared their knowledge and perspectives, enriching the debate with in-depth analyses and innovative ideas. Among the various experts, we had the opportunity to interview the mayor of San Miniato and the city council, who enthusiastically expressed thoughts pertaining to Europe and active participation. 

This variety of voices created a rich and multifaceted picture of the European reality and the challenges that lie ahead.

The topics covered were varied and engaging, from issues concerning the environment and education to the importance of European elections and citizens’ expectations of the European Union. The interviews demonstrated how vital an open and inclusive dialogue between the EU and its citizens is to ensure more transparent and accountable governance.

In conclusion, La Stazione Association’s event was an example of how celebration can turn into an opportunity for learning and civic engagement. Thanks to the work of Sustainable Tuscany Foundation volunteers, participants were able to explore complex issues in creative and engaging ways, confirming the transformative power of active youth participation in building a better Europe for all.


Matthew, a young participant in the activities and interviews, shared his experience with these words, “Participating in this event was incredibly inspiring. I had the opportunity to express my views on important issues regarding the European Union and youth involvement. It was exciting to see how many different voices came together to discuss the future of Europe. I feel more motivated than ever to be an active part of change and to work for a more inclusive and sustainable Europe.”

Simone Pagni, scientific coordinator of the Foundation who participated in the interviews, shared his views, “It was an honor to take part in this discussion. The interviews highlighted the importance of actively involving young people in the decision-making processes of the European Union. It is crucial to listen to their voices and take their views into account to create more effective and relevant policies. I am confident that with youth engagement and intergenerational collaboration, we can meet the challenges of the future with determination and hope.”

Elisa, a volunteer who helped organize the event, expressed her enthusiasm saying, “Participating in this event was very interesting. Seeing the energy and commitment of the young participants was really inspiring. I strongly believe in the potential of our generation in shaping a better future for Europe and the world. As a volunteer, I will continue to strive to create opportunities and spaces for dialogue for young people because I believe they are the key to a brighter and more equitable future.”

Michele Baldini president La Stazione Association, left a comment, “This birthday was about the stops, stops and restarts that have been made in this long adventure of the association. We have never been interested in the quantity as much as the quality of the activities we offer. The thing that we enjoyed most about this birthday, that gave us the most satisfaction and that we feel like saying is an achievement, is another. Those who were there felt free, creatives and participated”

Diletta Taverni, volunteer La Gare du Vintage project for La Stazione association: “These meetings are always full of stories. We heard from the editors of the Bocciofila, an association in Florence, about how dressing in secondhand clothes can be a way to tell who we are and where we come from. I am even happier that this event took place in a place that is founded on the voluntary initiative of the Cigoli community, which keeps a space available for meeting and exchange.